Storage Tips


For Best Results:

Estimate replacement value of items prior to storing, and consider purchasing storage insurance. MINI-WEST STORAGE offers storage insurance through SAFESTOR.

Use sturdy boxes and seal them with tape. U-HAUL boxes and tapes are sold in our office store.

Choose the right size for the contents. Pack heavy items such as dishes and glassware in smaller boxes. Place bulky, light items such as comforters and pillows, in large boxes. Our office store carries a wide range of standard and specialty boxes in many sizes.

Pack books flat to prevent damage to the spines. We carry book boxes at MINI-WEST.

Place photographs between cardboard taped together to prevent curling over time.

Fill dressers and chests with fragile items for more protection.

Hang clothing in wardrobe boxes for protection and easy access. At MINI-WEST, we carry U-HAUL Grande, Shorty, and Spacesaver wardrobe boxes.

Clean and dry appliances before placing in storage. Store items inside appliances, and leave doors slightly ajar for air circulation to avoid mildew.

Store couches on end and stack chairs seat-to-seat to save space.

Store mattresses on the long end, preferably with a mattress cover or plastic sheeting. MINI-WEST’s office store carries both mattress and sofa covers.

Cover furniture with padding to prevent scratches.

Place pictures and mirrors on end. U-HAUL mirror boxes with picture packer inserts are ideal for storing special mirrors and art work.

Disassemble large pieces of furniture such as beds, keeping the hardware taped to the item for retrieval later.

Fill empty space in boxes with paper, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts to prevent shifting and breakage. MINI-WEST carries these U-HAUL packing materials.

Place larger items and boxes on the bottom, smaller ones on the top of the stack.

Leave an aisle in the unit for easier access to your belongings. This is especially helpful when storing files and documents.

Store the most frequently used items in the front of the storage unit.

Label your containers. Be organized and save time in the long run.

Drain fuel from any small tools or equipment.


Please Don’t:

Store food products in your storage unit.

Store damp or wet items as they will cause mold and mildew.

Store paint, oil, gasoline or other combustible materials in your storage unit. Such storage is against the law.